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Documents Digifly naming conventions

AirTools save files as:



XX are the type of file

  • FL Flight
  • RT Route
  • WP Waypoint
  • CF Configuration
  • MP Map
  • AU Audio profile
  • HL Help
  • AS Special use air space
  • PG Page
  • PK Configuration package

YYYY Year MM Month DD Day

HH Hour MM Minutes

.EXT File extension

  • DGA Audio profiles
  • DGS Special use air spaces
  • DGM Maps
  • DGH Helps
  • DGT Waypoints
  • DGR Routes
  • DGF Flights
  • DAT Pages
  • DCF Configurations
  • PKG Configuration package

Usually the date-time in file name is the date and the time of saved file. Only for flights, the date-time is the date and the time of flight started timestamp.

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