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 {{ :​wiki:​airtools_install_6.jpg?​200 |}} {{ :​wiki:​airtools_install_6.jpg?​200 |}}
 +In this page you can choose if create a desktop icon for AirTools application or not. Press Next to continue
 {{ :​wiki:​airtools_install_7.jpg?​200 |}} {{ :​wiki:​airtools_install_7.jpg?​200 |}}
 +This page show you the summury of installtion settings. Press Install to run the installation process.
 {{ :​wiki:​airtools_install_8.jpg?​200 |}} {{ :​wiki:​airtools_install_8.jpg?​200 |}}
 +At the end of installation the installation end page let you to run the application for the first time. Press Finish to run AirTools application
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