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Configuration Package

In AirTools Configuration tab

you can backup and restore all configurations on your instrument.

Upload config. package button

Allow user to select and upload into the instrument one configuration package. Durig this process all configurations on the instruments will be overwritten by the new ones.

Download config. package button

Allow user to download all configuration files on the instrument and save they into a new configuration package. During this process, AirTools ask to you if you want save into the package routes and waypoints also.

The configuration package

The configuration pachage contains:

  • Configuration
  • Audio profiles
  • Helps
  • Pages

in option it can be contain:

  • Routes
  • Waypoints

All these data are store in conpressed zip format into a file named PK_YYYYMMDD_HHMM.PKG (for more information see Documents Digifly naming conventions). The file is stored into Packages folder (for more information see Digifly folder tree).

If you need to create your own configuration package file, please see How build your own configuration package.

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