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How build your own configuration package

You can build your own configuration package downloading single file, for example configuration file and help files and assemble they in one package.

Before build the package you must rename the files in this way:


Rename downloaded configuration file as cf000.dat

Audio profiles

Rename downloaded audio rpofile files as

  • au000.dat for user audio 1
  • au001.dat for user audio 2


Rename downloaded help files as

  • hl000.dat for USR help file
  • hl001.dat for UK help file
  • hl002.dat for ITA help file
  • hl003.dat for ESP help file
  • hl004.dat for DEU help file
  • hl005.dat for FRA help file
  • hl006.dat for CZE help file
  • hl007.dat for HUN help file
  • hl008.dat for PLN help file
  • hl009.dat for GRK help file
  • hl010.dat for TRK help file
  • hl011.dat for LN1 help file
  • hl012.dat for LN2 help file
  • hl013.dat for LN3 help file


Rename page files as

  • pg000.dat for user page 1
  • pg001.dat for user page 2
  • pg002.dat for user page 3
  • pg003.dat for user page 4
  • pg004.dat for user page 5

The package

In order to create one configuration package, you must pack all files into a zip file and rename it with the extension .pkg

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